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cgi bin WWIdraft search.cgi ww1/draft / search. cgi?surname=Yaisleyhttp http:// cgi - bin / John Dykman's WWI Draft Registration Card. http:// cgi - bin / This might be the family in http:// cgi - bin / This is likely Antone Travers Mello's WWI draft registration.

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I note this story says that Guinness listed a "year-old British woman" as world's oldest, but they didn't: they listed Mamie Eva Keith,of Illinois, USA. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Take our WorldConnect survey. It needs to survive squeaky-clean scrutiny. When will they announce it? The little blue child silhouette icon indicates that the person has descendants. Is it possible that she used her sister, Emma Hoppe's birthdate, since Emma Hoppe was listed as age 2 in December ? Census (Aug ) http:// cgi - bin / =try&h= try&h= WWI Draft Edward (Husband). Search or Browse Optimization Online Submissions. Google Search. Enter your search terms: name of author(s), title, keywords, journal, etc. The Web. Der er ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse af dette resultat på grund af websitets

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Cgi bin WWIdraft search.cgi John attended the Mulberry school and then Amoret High School where he played on the basketball team. QUOTE Futurist Apr 28PM I genuinely don't know. However, GRG will not be relying on this ship manifest at all as we will use another earlier document to determine her exact age. OK, the first problem has emerged: the December ship manifest allegedly lists Augusta Hoppe as 11 months old. The birth record of Augusta Holtz's son -- in the actual image, her maiden name was written ABOVE her name "Augusta", not below as transcribed by Ancestry.
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Cgi bin WWIdraft search.cgi Some key facts given from the articles were: -Augusta's maiden name was Hoppe, - she was born in Eastern Germany, - she came to U. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I noticed that her SSDI actually says "Oct " rather than "Nov ". Share this: Twitter Facebook Google Print Pinterest Email Like this: Like Loading Search or Browse Optimization Online Submissions. It needs to survive squeaky-clean scrutiny.
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