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Definition Palatinus Palatina Palatinum

definition Palatinus Palatina Palatinum

Torus palatinus (pl. tori palatinus) [ palatinus torus (pl. palatal tori) in English] is a bony cases where in an edentulous patient, it extends to the vibrating line, preventing a posterior seal of the denture and posterior seal at the fovea palatinae. Define palatine. palatine synonyms, palatine pronunciation, palatine translation, Old French palatin, from Late Latin palātīnus, palace official, from Latin palātīnus, from Palātium, imperial residence; see palace. os palatinum, palatine bone. The Palatine Hill is the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient One of the seven hills of Rome · Latin name, Collis Palatinus with the Etruscan word for sky, falad. The term palace itself stems from Palatium. definition Palatinus Palatina Palatinum

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Palatinus adjective name of one of the hills of Rome, the Palatine Palatinus Palatinus, Palatina, Palatinum adjective Palatine; imperial; name of one of the hills of Rome, the Palatine. Traditionally the location of the earliest Roman settlement, it was the site of many imperial palaces, including ones built by Tiberius, Nero, and Domitian. Of or relating to the palate.