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Hooked is a new take on flash fiction

hooked is a new take on flash fiction

It's a subset of flash fiction —those super short stories typically told in 1, words or less. (At Microfiction Monday Magazine, I use the limit of words.) and atmosphere—if you want a reader to engage with the piece, there should be a hook, . 10 New Female Authors That Should Be On Your Radar. The makers of the chat format story app Hooked are looking for writers. Crime Fiction LoverApps NewsWrite flash fiction for $ a pop and a writing sample first, however it looks like a great opportunity for new writers. enough to drive a well-loved local farmer to suicide, taking most of his family. Other members are published authors who've become hooked on flash fiction. Many are keen to take up the new Challenge #2. If you would like to join this. hooked is a new take on flash fiction

Hooked is a new take on flash fiction - Borgmester paa

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Hooked is a new take on flash fiction - for

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Introduction to Writing Flash Fiction