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Native reference cascades bb cascades segmentedcontrol.

#include bb / cascades /TabbedPane> .. Once the tab is removed, the TabbedPane no longer references it, but it is still owned by the. import bb. cascades Page {. titleBar: TitleBar {. title: " SegmentedControl ". } Container {. layout: DockLayout {}. // Create a SegmentedControl. #include bb / cascades /ActionItem>. Represents an action that can be invoked on a page. Action items can be added to a page to be displayed.

Name: Native reference cascades bb cascades segmentedcontrol.

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KOST SUND VAEGT GLUTEN OG HVEDEMEL HVAD ER DET MAN SKAL HOLDE IGEN MED Returns the bottom padding on the control. Otherwise it is ignored. The only way to set what kind of TitleBar to create is to pass the kind as a parameter to this constructor. If you have an idea of what you are looking for, start typing it in the Filter box. The UIConfig for this ui object. This property is overridden from QObject. True if the received event was recognized and processed, false .
appearance: bb:: cascades::TitleBarAppearance::Type .. Once the Option is removed, the TitleBar no longer references it, but it is still owned. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development: A Cascades -Driven For more information, reference paragraph, Cascades is first and foremost the new UI framework for building native BlackBerry 10 . SegmentedControl ‚Äč. #include bb / cascades /Container>. A container that can be used for grouping controls and other containers. Children within a container are.