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Tags She Hulk works

tags She Hulk works

As such, while she did gain some level of his Hulk power, it's only a portion of Savage Hulk's full power. Her Hulk power works a bit differently. As She - Hulk, she worked hard to manage her anger issues, and eventually . Also, check out the #12DaysofSheHulk hash tag on Twitter that. An experiment gone wrong changes meek scientist Bruce Banner. Is it for better or worse? This is a one-shot exploring what could have been if turning into the.


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Sometimes uncontrollable anger doesn't mean Hulking. In which the Winter Soldier makes some new friends, demolishes a lot of Hydra bases, discovers food courts, and finds his way home. Why, you may ask? tags She Hulk works 1 Work in Bruce Banner/Jennifer Walters The one where Darcy Lewis becomes the She Hulk. Language: English; Words: 15,; Chapters: 6/6; Comments. Posts about She - Hulk written by Eluria. Posts Tagged ' She - Hulk ' the original intro & outro themes, add some realistic looking CGI & this might just work. 1 - 20 of Works in Jennifer Walters . Tags. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings ยท Bruce Banner/Original Female Character(s) She - Hulk's rule is absolute. After all, she deserves a bit of pleasure for all she's done for the world.