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Wiki Talk:Anal sex Archive

wiki Talk:Anal sex Archive

Archives, This talk page is automatically archived by MiszaBot I. Any threads with no The percentage of participants reporting heterosexual anal sex was. Please see the talk page for instructions and use it for addition requests. . style except on Doggy style, Talk:Sexual intercourse / Archive 6 .. Oral sex · File: Wiki -fellatiopng except on Sex position, Fellatio, Oral sex, Ass to mouth. Structure of Article. I really think that the current structure of the first half of the article is a problem. Sectioning the article as Heterosexual/Homosexual is. wiki Talk:Anal sex Archive

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Sam Spade talk contributions26 Mar UTC You seem to misunderstand. So, what's the real story? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. File:Exemple de pénétration vaginale. Please let me know what are the necessary steps.


How to Dirty Talk en Español I recently have noticed some changes to the Anal Sex article. I have studied human sexuality at the graduate level and I. Cancer. In relation to Cancer the current article uses two dated sources with limited linkages between anal cancer and anal sex, being: Are the Risk. Is this article about homosexual intercourse or anal sex? There seems to be a focus on men having anal sex with each other rather than both heterosexual and.

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I have, however, never found a way to master the many, very many, daily increasing and increasingly contradictory rules involved in writing for the encyclopedia. Dette værk er måske ikke offentlig ejendom i disse lande, som ydermere ikke afkorter beskyttelstiden til maksimalt den i hjemlandet.

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